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Advanced Improv Weekend Intensive: Short Form Games

Class Session: December 7th and 8th

You’ve done your time, paid your dues, and studied the art of short form improv. You’re ready to get down to brass tax and get serious about comedy by taking an advanced improv class. That means the time for games is over! …Except for the actual, literal games we will be focusing on during this workshop.

Join us for our Advanced Improv: Short Form Games Weekend Intensive on December 7th and 8th, where we put together all the foundational improv skills learned in our Basic and Intermediate improv classes to master some of the most well-loved and challenging short form improv games out there.

Having completed our Basic and Intermediate improv classes is recommended, but not required. Students should have solid knowledge of short form scenework, establishing a shared reality (including who/what/where), and other foundational improv skills to enroll.



During this class, students will learn to:

  • Review improv skills learned in Basic and Intermediate Improv
  • Review best practices regarding boundaries and consent when improvising onstage and observe “ouch, oops” 
  • Learn different categories of short form improv games
  • Consistently implement improv and scene work skills to a solid foundation for challenging short form games
  • Reinforce the three act structure within short form scenes
  • Utilize characters in every scene
  • Master onstage and sideline support during games
  • Learn best practices for guessing games
  • Learn how to do a solid “set-up” scene for replay games
  • Learn tips and tricks to best showcase skills during different improv games
  • Prepare for our class showcase


Classes take place December 7th and 8th, 2024. Please see the schedule below.

December 7th:
10 AM – 1 PM: Part 1 (there will be one 15 minute break at 11:30)
1 PM – 2 PM: Lunch
2 PM – 5 PM: Part 2 (there will be one 15 minute break at 3:30)

December 8th:
10 AM – 1 PM: Part 3 (there will be one 15 minute break at 11:30)
1 PM – 2 PM: Lunch
2 PM – 5 PM: Part 4 (there will be one 15 minute break at 3:30)
5 PM – 7 PM: Dinner break
7 PM – 8 PM: Group warmups prior to show
8 PM – 9 PM: Class showcase

We are happy to accommodate any requests to sit or take additional breaks for those who need them. You are encouraged to take care of yourself and your body’s needs! Students are welcome and encouraged to bring snacks and water and should bring their own lunches. Students may eat lunch and dinner (prior to the showcase on the evening of 12/8) at the Empire Launchpad, go offsite for meals, or join the class for group meals at Cafe Dantorels (2700 24th St, Sacramento, CA 95818) which is a short 2 minute walk from the Empire Launchpad.


Empire LaunchPad at Sierra 2 Center, 2791 24th St, Room 13 (upstairs), Sacramento, CA 95818

Important Details:

Tuition is nonrefundable. You must be at least 18 to register.

Parking & Accessibility:

Sierra 2 has two free parking lots and various on-street parking options. Check out the map >

Our venue is upstairs on floor 2. The building is wheelchair accessible (including the bathrooms and access to the second floor). Please let us know if you require any special accommodations ahead of time and we’ll be happy to help.

COVID Safety Requirements:

All students must be fully vaccinated and provide proof of vaccination (either vaccination card or digital record) on the first day of class at the door or via email.


About the Instructor

Jessilee Windhaus is a proud Sacramento local and a firm believer in the power of applied improvisation. With a background in both short form and long form comedy, she is a 20-year improv veteran who has trained with Upright Citizen’s Brigade and The Groundlings and performed in cities all across the country.

Learn more about Jessilee >

Jessilee Windhaus

Improv Program Director, Empire Arts Collective Co-Founder

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