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Welcome to Empire Arts Collective

We are a Sacramento-based performing arts nonprofit with a mission to incubate unique, inclusive performing arts opportunities that create joy and community for a variety of experience levels.

We believe that sharing resources and working together as an inclusive community is the best way to accomplish our goals and create joyful, life-changing art.

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Community Agreements

We agree that:

We will be open and welcoming to everyone who wants to participate, no matter their identity or background.

Our actions effect each other, so we will work to self-regulate our emotions, give kind & helpful feedback as needed, and accept respectful feedback openly.

We will be respectful of the time we all volunteer to each other by showing gratitude, being on time, and working hard.

Each human body has different physical, emotional, and mental needs, and that it is good to meet those needs by stopping when the body needs to stop.

Creating things can be scary, but being open to new ideas is how all the best stuff happens.

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